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Rational, savvy guidance for business owners, entrepreneurs and authors, as well as the hard skills required to fully realize your vision in the areas of communication strategy, content development and production, branding and marketing campaigns.

Give Your Brand Greater Reach

Welcome to Valley of the Moon web services and digital content group, supporting the web technology and content needs of many clients and companies across a wide variety of industries including telecom, software and home building, as well as media and book publishing (not to mention a variety of others).

We know what it takes to succeed as well as being able to anticipate many costly pitfalls. We have access to some of the best media production and marketing resources available, being able to meet the scope of ANY project you have in mind.

This website will answer many of your questions… for your remaining questions, we hope to hear from you. Thank you for your interest in working with us!

Brand Design & Strategy

At the core of your brand is your story; we carefully extract your story and then create the right design and strategy to connect with the market that is eagerly awaiting your offering.

Social Media

Social media isn’t everything, but if you don’t have a presence in the right sites, you stand to lose a lot of business. We will help determine the right social media channels and the right messaging.

Search Engine Marketing

Prove your relevancy to your customers with an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, as well as using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to offset costs by appearing high in “organic” results.

Copywriting & Editing

The core of your offer is contained in the way you speak about it. We carefully craft the perfect message to represent your brand and your products in the clearest and best possible light.

Email Marketing

List growth and management is still indispensable. We will create automated email campaigns filled with useful and meaningful content that engages your customer right in their inbox.

Web Development

Whether you need just a landing page, a simple online brochure, a large e-commerce site or a complex web application, we will create it for you with beautiful and usable design.


Immanuel has been instrumental in my publishing career and has role modeled how to be in this industry with integrity!

Lisa Wimberger

Author, “Neurosculpting” and “New Beliefs, New Brain”; Founder, The Neurosculpting Institute

Immanuel is a great all-around marketeer. He is one of the few people around who combines graphic intelligence with marketing strategy and technical know-how. A worthy combo!

Christopher Van Buren

Founder/CEO, Van Buren Publishing

I will always be grateful to Immanuel for his major role in bringing my book to publication and for his steady encouragement and sage advice

Rivvy Neshama

Author of award-winning “Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles”,

Lots of love to Immanuel for catching the wave of Sacred Commerce! He has been pivotal in the production of the new edition of the book — and the accompanying training program. We thank him for his belief in us and for his focus and excellent work.

Ayman Sawaf & Rowan Gabrielle

Teachers & Authors, Sacred Commerce

I started out hiring Immanuel to build my online platform, but what I truly received was a coach and an amazing mirror to help me refine and inspire my deeper purpose and share it from a more authentic empowered place.


Founder, The Phoenix Code

Immanuel has supported me at several major turning points in my career as a professional author. When a major opportunity in my career approaches, I know I can rely on Immanuel for advice. He has been a guide and a friend on my path.

Keith Martin Smith

Author, “A Heart Blown Open” and “The Heart of Zen”,

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